Project Showcase: Design Thinking Training with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Ghana - June 2023 

At Kabod Group, we take pride in our commitment to empowering organizations with innovative solutions. One of our notable projects involved collaborating with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Ghana in June 2023 to address challenges in the field of democratic governance through design thinking.


GIZ Ghana approached Kabod Group with the challenge of enhancing the creative capacity and problem-solving approach of a group of approximately 30 participants. The goal was to equip them with the tools and tactics of design thinking to navigate complex governance challenges in their respective countries.


Our approach focused on two key challenges – solving complex issues in democratic governance and instilling structured design thinking processes. Through a carefully crafted training program, we provided participants with hands-on experience in applying design thinking principles to real-world scenarios. Group activities, case studies, and examples of successful design thinking initiatives were incorporated to ensure a comprehensive and practical learning experience.


The impact of the Design Thinking training was palpable. Participants reported a significant increase in their knowledge base, expressing eagerness to apply design thinking methodologies in their professional and daily lives. The training not only enriched their problem-solving skills but also fostered a mindset of innovation and collaboration.


To showcase the success of the project, we invite you to explore the detailed report and evidence of our Design Thinking Training with GIZ Ghana. [View at ]

At Kabod Group, we are dedicated to delivering transformative solutions that leave a lasting impact on our clients and their endeavours. This project exemplifies our commitment to fostering innovation and excellence through Knowledge Management.

Project Showcase: Design Thinking Training with 2023 MILEAD Fellows - August 22, 2023


The Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa entrusted Kabod Group with the task of training 25 participants selected as the 2023 MILEAD Fellows in design thinking. The primary aim was to bolster their capacity, enrich their knowledge, and deepen their understanding of solving complex challenges through structured design thinking processes. Additionally, the challenge included exploring how social innovation and creativity can be harnessed using design thinking tools and tactics.


Our strategic approach revolved around two fundamental questions: “What must we do to make the client understand?” and “How can the participant apply the knowledge acquired to produce positive results?” These questions formed the foundation for the training, guiding participants towards a comprehensive understanding of design thinking. Practical application was prioritized, providing participants with opportunities to apply design thinking in real-world scenarios through dynamic group activities. Case studies and examples of successful design thinking initiatives were shared to inspire and illustrate practical implementation.


The training resulted in a resounding success, with all 25 participants effectively applying the knowledge acquired. The emphasis on practical application proved instrumental in empowering the MILEAD Fellows to tackle challenges with a design-thinking mindset.

Participant Feedback:

“The individual assignments and works made me think more and apply the delivered knowledge.” – Doris George Kiwelu, Participant of the 2023 MILEAD Fellowship.

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