Translation Services

Translation Service

We speak the language you speak and the language of your targeted audience! Our skilful team of certified translators, interpreters, and language professionals specialise in e-learning, international development, civil society, culture, education, business, science, legal documents, proposals, manuals, technology, economy, finance, software, literature, social media, and e-commerce. Above all, we also offer translation and interpretation services in African languages! We focus on:

Translation Services

  • Localization  
  • Transcreation  
  • Specialized Translation  
  • Audio-Visual Translation  
  • Conference Translation Services  
  • Interpretation Equipment Rentals  
  • Translation of E-Learning Content

Revision / Post Edition

 Kabod translators are strong linguists who can edit and revise the pre-translated text with a customized machine translation system. Post-editing can be adjusted to address specific quality requirements for different content types to provide an adaptive quality approach. 

Interpretation Services

We offer professional interpretation services for conferences, events, and business meetings both remotely and in person. We provide the following interpretation services: 

Consecutive Interpretation

This type of interpretation is ideal for small groups where the speaker makes a speech while the interpreter takes notes, and the interpreter reproduces what the speaker says to the audience. This can be done remotely or in person. 

Simultaneous Interpretation

 This is a mode of interpreting in which the speaker makes a speech, and the interpreter reformulates the speech into a language his audience understands at the same time (or simultaneously). This can be done remotely or in person. 

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

This is an interpretation service that involves a three-way call. The interpreter facilitates the conversation between the two parties speaking different languages. The interpreter could be within the same building or office as the client or in a remote location. 

The language industry is in constant evolution, as globalization has made it possible for businesses to expand by going global. The need to fully understand the language of one’s audience is therefore more crucial now than ever before.  This, however, requires effective communication skills, experience and an in-depth grasp of language pairs. At Kabod Group, we bridge all cultural barriers to help you globalize your content effectively and efficiently while preserving its original meaning, be it in translation, interpretation, transcription, voiceover, localization, transcreation, subtitling, you name it.  The quality of translation matters and Kabod has inimitable experts in the field of translation, interpretation, localization and transcreation to provide excellent services that match world standards and speak to the target audience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering our Translation and Interpretation Services? Here are some straightforward answers to common queries. If you need more information or personalized assistance, feel free to connect with our team.

What is the difference between Translation and Localization, and which one does my project require?

Translation involves converting text from one language to another, while Localization goes beyond translation by adapting content culturally and contextually for a specific target audience. The choice depends on your project’s goals—simple translation for broad understanding or localization for a more tailored and culturally relevant impact.

Transcreation is crucial for adapting creative content like marketing materials to resonate culturally and emotionally in the target language. It involves more than a literal translation, focusing on maintaining the intended message’s impact. We recommend transcreation for marketing content, slogans, and creative materials.

Can you explain the benefits of Audio-Visual Translation, and how it enhance multimedia content for global audiences?

Audio-Visual Translation is vital for multimedia content, ensuring that videos, presentations, and other visual materials are accessible to a global audience. It includes subtitling, voiceovers, and dubbing, enhancing the viewer’s understanding and engagement. This service is essential for reaching diverse audiences in various regions.

What types of Interpretation Services do you offer, and how can I choose the right one for my event or meeting?

We offer a range of Interpretation Services, including Consecutive, Simultaneous, and Over-the-Phone Interpretation. Consecutive is suitable for small groups, while Simultaneous is ideal for larger audiences. Over-the-Phone Interpretation facilitates communication between parties speaking different languages, whether in the same location or remotely. Our team can guide you in selecting the most suitable option based on your specific needs.