Date: December 8th – 9th, 2023  

Venue: KGEE Lodge, East Legon 


The Joy Feast 2023, Kabod Group International’s Worker’s Retreat, held at the KGEE Lodge, East Legon, was a resounding success, uniting colleagues from various departments in a harmonious and enriching experience. While the primary objective was to enhance team building, collaboration, and trust among team members, the retreat also embraced diverse topics and activities, creating a well-rounded and memorable event. 

Welcoming and Worship Session 

The retreat kicked off with a heartfelt welcoming and worship session, acknowledging the company’s progress and expressing gratitude for the team’s collective efforts throughout the year. This set a positive tone for the entire event, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. The subsequent round table team breakfast provided an informal setting for team members to connect, bond, and reflect on the year’s achievements and challenges. 

Morning Reflection with Christian Elongue 

Managing Director Christian Elongue took the reins during a morning reflection session, delving into both personal and professional goals. By encouraging participants to share their inspirations and aspirations, Elongue provided valuable insights on how team members could harness their full potential to achieve individual and collective goals. This session facilitated open communication, allowing team members to learn from one another’s experiences and explore opportunities for collaboration. 

Team-Building Activities 

The retreat seamlessly blended learning and fun through a series of team-building activities. The “2 Truths and a Lie” game tested team members’ knowledge of each other, fostering camaraderie while revealing interesting facts about individual personalities. The “Pick a Cup” challenge showcased the surprising agility of the senior-most employee, emphasizing the importance of diverse skills within the team. Bible quizzes, aligning with the firm’s Christocentric approach, added a spiritual dimension to the activities.  

A unique cooking session of Jollof and Banku required all team members to contribute to the preparation of meals, promoting collaboration and teamwork. This interactive cooking experience not only showcased culinary skills but also emphasized the importance of collective effort. 

Team-Building Activities

Recreation and Leisure 

To balance the intense team-building activities, moments of relaxation and leisure were strategically incorporated. The movie show provided a refreshing break from the business environment, fostering informal interactions and meaningful connections among team members. An exercise and stretch-out session followed the next morning which allowed members to rejuvenate with light jogging around the serene East-Legon neighbourhood.  


The Joy Feast 2023 retreat was more than just a gathering; it was a transformative experience that strengthened the bonds among Kabod Group team members. By combining reflective sessions, team-building activities, and moments of leisure, the retreat successfully achieved its goal of fostering collaboration, trust, and a deeper understanding among colleagues. As we reflect on the Joy Feast 2023, it’s evident that the memories and lessons learned will continue to positively impact our team dynamics and overall productivity in 2024. 

Article by: Prince Teye-Gaga