In the dynamic landscape of global business, the quest for expansion and increased profitability has led companies to explore new and existing markets with unprecedented vigor. Our event report delves into the strategic imperative of “Using Localization Guides to Increase Business Expansion and Profits into New and Existing Markets.” As businesses transcend geographical boundaries, the importance of effective localization emerges as a critical factor in establishing resonance with diverse markets. 

Localization guides serve as indispensable tools, offering insights into the intricacies of local cultures, languages, and consumer behaviors. This report encapsulates the key insights and discussions from our webinar, where industry thought leaders and experts explored the transformative potential of localization in the pursuit of sustained growth. From case studies highlighting successful market entries to practical tips for implementing localization strategies, our report provides a comprehensive overview of how businesses can navigate the complexities of global markets and capitalize on opportunities for increased profitability

The webinar on using localization guides to increase business expansion & profit into new & existing markets was held on 28th November 2023 and brought together language professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from across the continent to discuss the intricacies of localization and its impact on businesses. The event was organized by Kabod Language Services, a leading language solutions provider in Africa, and featured insightful discussions and contributions from esteemed panelists and participants. 

The distinguished panelists collectively brought a wealth of expertise and diverse perspectives to the event, contributing to insightful discussions and enriching the overall experience for attendees. 


Ady Namaran Coulibaly: Operation manager at Bolingo Consult 

Francis Olayinka Adefabi: Language Consultant and freelance translator. 

Mr. Christian Elongue NGNAOUSSI: Managing Director at Kabod Group (moderator) 


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The event concluded with a compelling call to action for language professionals to broaden their scope and actively engage in diverse roles and opportunities within the localization industry. Both panelists and participants expressed optimism about the future of localization in Africa, foreseeing continued growth and collaboration within the industry. 

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Article By: Christus Codo