Implementing Knowledge Management may itself be a new and unfamiliar problem – something you have never done before. Where can you find valid, tried and tested knowledge and solutions? Where can you find sound practical advice, which you know is based on long experience? If Knowledge Management is of real business value, then knowledge about Knowledge Management is of even greater value.


This service provides you with mentors: people you can trust and from whom you can learn about implementing Knowledge Management. We have provided Knowledge Management support to national organizations, acting as guides, mentors and partners to the Knowledge Management teams, and to the leaders of the Communities of Practice.


We provide mentorship and coaching to key KM practitioners such as KM teams, Knowledge Managers, CKOs and the leaders of Communities of Practice.

We will set up a coaching and mentoring program with you, consisting of conversations, visits, telephone calls and/or webinars (depending on your need, and on the geography involved). We will act as advisors, and as sounding-boards for your plans and strategies. We help keep you grounded, and aware of the things you don’t know that you don’t know.


The benefits of KM coaching and mentoring are a greater level of confidence in your plans and strategies, a wider range of possibilities and options, and the ability to avoid the pitfalls of the many KM programs that have failed in the past.

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