Writing Skills Development

Module 1: Minute Taking

Module 2: Report Writing

Module 3: Academic Writing

Module 4: Effective Copywriting

Module 5: Effective Letters and Emails

Module 6: Writing for the Web (Blogging etc)

Agile Team Management

Module 1: Objective setting

Module 2: Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Module 3: Team Motivation

Module 4: Feedback evaluation

Stages of a Structured Sale

Module 1: Designing/Planning and Preparation

Module 2: Getting in Contact

Module 3: Review of Sales vectors

Module 4: Observe – Understand – Act

Module 5: Convincing/Negotiation

Module 6: Conclusion

Module 7: Maintain/Administration

Operational Marketing

Module 1: Introduction to Operational Marketing

Module 2: Operational Marketing Tools

Module 3: Business Action Plan

Module 4: Promotion and promotional offer

Module 5; Return on investment and shareholder return

Module 6: Resource Management and Outsourcing

Leadership and Management

Module 1: Evolutionary Management

Module 2: Conflict and Problem Resolution

Module 3: Priority Management

Module 4: The Manager as a Coach

Module 5: The Manager as a Leader

Module 6: Evaluation and Control

Module 7: Time Management

Module 8: Delegation

Module 9: Conducting Meetings

Becoming a Human Resource Development Manager

Module 1: Building an effective Personnel Evaluation System

Module 2: Evaluating a Social Audit

Module 3: Developing an annual Training Plan

Module 4: Social Management Control

Community Management and Innovative Content Creation

Module 1: Community Management and Social Media

Module 2: The Effective use of Social Media

Module 3: A Community for Creative Content

Module 4: Defining your Social Media Strategy

Module 5: A Community Manager’s Tools

Module 6: Social Media Publicity