“Here are some compelling statistics about our training sessions: In the year 2023 alone, we conducted training programs for 50 organizations, covering a wide array of topics and reaching a collective audience of over 300 participants. Noteworthy clients include GIZ, International Finance Corporation, MILEAD, and more.”


Kabod Group believes in the value of continual learning and skill development. Our training programs are crafted to empower individuals and organizations across various sectors. Through a blend of face-to-face, online, and tailor-made training sessions, we foster a culture of continuous learning.

Who We Serve

Our training initiatives cater to diverse audiences, including civil societies, SMEs, organizations, schools, students, and international development practitioners. We aim to enhance the capacities of these sectors, providing individuals with the tools to upskill and thrive in their respective fields.

Training Solutions for Every Need

Whether you are an individual practitioner seeking personal growth or an entire team looking to evolve collectively, Kabod Group has tailored training solutions for you. Our current focus areas include Knowledge Management, Design Thinking, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, AI integration and Leadership Transition. Don’t see the course you’re looking for? Reach out to us, and we’ll work with you to meet your specific training needs.

Face-to-Face and Online Courses

Our training courses, conducted both face-to-face and online, welcome practitioners from around the world. Attendees represent a diverse range of countries, organizations, and backgrounds, fostering a rich and collaborative learning environment. Please note that all our courses in 2023-24 will be conducted online, ensuring accessibility and participation from anywhere in the world.

Explore our Upcoming Face-to-face and online courses in Knowledge Management: 

Module 1: The Knowledge Imperative and KM Audit  

Module 2: Developing a Proven KM Strategy, Principles and Processes  

Module 3: KM Implementation Tactics and Activities 

Module 4: Developing Community of Practices & Knowledge Cafes  

Module 5: Nurturing Knowledge Champions, learning agents and Personal KMers 

Module 6: Measuring the effectiveness of your KM System: metrics and innovation 

Module 7: Design and System thinking: the learning organisation and enterprise innovation. 

Module 8: Implementing Knowledge a Service Through the Digital Workplace 

Module 9: Leveraging KM as a Foundation for Artificial Intelligence 

Module 10: Design a KM strategy and plan for your company or yourself.  


What You Need To Know :

Experience learning with mentors who redefine excellence. Kabod Group boasts outstanding trainers, each a leader in their field.

Embark on a journey of growth with thoughtfully designed courses. From Knowledge Management to Leadership Transition, we provide the path to your success.

Break free from limitations. Our training seamlessly blends face-to-face and online sessions, ensuring accessibility meets excellence. Your journey starts with Kabod Group.”

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