A Knowledge Asset is a tried and tested approach to structuring and documenting captured operational knowledge, plus the context needed to make sense of it. Knowledge Assets consist of guidelines, set within business contexts, enlivened by stories and quotes from experience, and linked to people and documents for further investigation.

Knowledge Assets, Purpose

The purpose of Knowledge Assets is to transfer learning from one team to another in documented form – across time and geography. It is a way to collate the knowledge needed by the business, in a format that maximizes its reuse by other teams and individuals facing the same challenges in future.

Knowledge Assets, Method

Once the knowledge has been captured, using one of the Knowledge Management processes, we will work with your team to package it into a reusable asset, designed around the needs of the future knowledge user, to be loaded onto your Intranet, Wiki, or SharePoint server.

Knowledge Assets, Benefits

Knowledge assets are a way to make knowledge exciting, accessible, easy to read and easy to assimilate; something better than another dull report. The knowledge needs are presented in bite-sized chunks in an intuitive way, illustrated with stories, diagrams and pictures, and easily cross referenced.

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