Sometimes knowledge needs to be captured from a single individual, either as part of a Learning History, or because the individual is retiring or moving jobs. In cases such as this, the Knowledge-capture interview is your best approach.


Employee turnover is costly. Knowledge capture using skilled interviewers enables organizations to reduce these costs by keeping much of the ‘at-risk’ knowledge held in an employee’s head instead of losing it to retirement or, worse, competitors.


Our process for knowledge-capture interviewing contains the following elements: 

  • Identification of the knowledge which needs to be captured;
  • Prioritization of the knowledge topics;
  • In-depth knowledge interviewing, to discover the core deep knowledge and capture the stories that bring this to life;
  • Packaging the knowledge into a reusable Knowledge Asset for others


Knowledge-capture interviews enable organizations to: 

  • Mitigate the risk of knowledge loss, notably in priority specialist areas 
  • Reduce the costs associated with ‘re-inventing the wheel’ 
  • Demonstrate to the wider workforce the need to record, retain and re-use knowledge throughout careers, not just on departure.

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