A knowledge Handover is a meeting at the end of a project, after the project team has identified and captured their lessons learned, where they share and discuss these lessons for the other projects and other interested parties such as community leaders and subject matter experts.


Knowledge Handover provides a forum where lessons from one project team can be presented to others for discussion, and where technical experts, and project managers from other projects, can ask further questions to fully understand what has been learned, and what the implications are. A Knowledge Handover is one way to ensure that lessons are acted upon.


One of the key points about the Knowledge Handover is that it should be driven by Knowledge Pull from the attendees, rather than by Knowledge Push from the project team. We help you design a pull-driven agenda, and facilitate discussions and interactions at the handover itself in order to maximize the understanding of the implications from the lessons, and their adoption by the organization.


A Knowledge Handover has the following benefits:

  • It means that project lessons lead to action rather than being “filed and forgotten”,
  • It promotes interaction across the projects, and
  • It maximizes the chances of lesson adoption by future projects.

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