Yesterday evening, 29th January 2020, around 8:36, I was on the way to my home when I heard a lady saying: “Please, I need 50 pesos”. As I was making a WhatsApp voice note to a YALI Liberian friend, when walking, I didn’t stop immediately, thinking she wasn’t speaking to me.

But after a few steps, I interrupted my voice note and returned on my steps to enquire if she was talking to me. As I was getting closer, I realized she had a baby on her back. She then repeated: “Please, I need 50 pesos to complete what I have and buy some food for my baby”.

I was a little surprised! In my mind, I was wondering how someone could lack 50 pesos at East Legon, one of the residential areas of Accra, the heart of Ghana, a booming economy in Africa?

But I quickly remembered that I had also gone through furious storms in my life in the past. So, it was easier for me to connect with her story and understand her.

I finally gave her something beyond what she expected. She too, was surprised and was about to do an act of reverence when I stopped her. I told her that only God deserves our reverence and praise, I’m just a vessel. The smile I saw on her face was already a big reward for me. It’s always a privilege and honor to be a channel of blessing into someone else life.

On my way home, an indescribable joy and sorrow filled my heart. Joy because I had just been used by God. Sorrow and compassion because it make me realized once again the big social inequalities that exist in our societies. It’s not just in Ghana but everywhere in the world. While some people are starving and lacking even what to eat or a shelter, others are living in abundance. It’s just by God’s grace that we have what we have, that we are where we are, not only by our work.

At home, this scripture from Philippian 4:11-12 dropped into my mind: “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how-to live-in prosperity”.

You can find contentment only in Christ, and in striving to serve Him. Contentment can’t be found in God’s creation or in things like people, possessions, or money. Always learn to be thankful and praise God for what you have, even as “little” as it could be. For what you neglect may be what someone is desperately looking for. In all circumstances, either good or bad, always trust God for  all things works for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28)

Today, ask God to give you a spirit of contentment and decide to be a blessing to someone. We always have enough to give. Sharing is caring ! Shalom