Africa is a linguistic melting pot, blessed with a rich tapestry of languages and cultures. This diversity presents a unique opportunity for language professionals to not only facilitate cross-cultural communication but also to elevate and celebrate our continent’s linguistic heritage on the global stage. 

However, in today’s competitive language services market, simply possessing linguistic and cultural expertise is not enough. To truly thrive as freelance translators, interpreters, and language professionals, we must also master the art of marketing our skills, building visibility, and establishing ourselves as competitive players in the industry. 

This report captures the key insights and discussions from our webinar, where industry thought leaders and experts explored effective marketing techniques, networking strategies, pricing models and the importance of specialization and continuous learning. 


The webinar on How to grow your visibility and competitiveness in the language industry was held on 7th May 2024. It brought together Language Service Providers, translators, interpreters, experts, and enthusiasts from across the continent to discuss practical marketing techniques to promote their skills and secure lucrative opportunities. 

The event was organized by Kabod Language Services, a leading language service provider that specializes in providing quality language services in African languages as well as other Western languages. Our primary goal is to elevate African culture through our languages. 

The distinguished panelists collectively brought a wealth of expertise and diverse perspectives to the event, contributing to insightful discussions and enriching the overall experience for attendees. 


Dr. Deris Nge Meh: Senior translator-interpreter Lecturer of Translation Studies, Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI), University of Buea, Cameroon 


Selassie Mensah: Operations Manager, Bureau of Translation and Interpretation 



Rebecca Aggrey: Language Officer at Kabod Group  

The webinar armed language professionals with actionable strategies to bolster their visibility and competitiveness by exploring a multi-pronged approach. The panelists offered insightful perspectives on thriving in today’s dynamic landscape, encapsulated in a series of action points below: 

  1. Establish a robust online presence across multiple social media platforms to maximize reach and engage diverse audiences effectively. 

   – Create tailored content that resonates with each platform’s unique user base. 

  1. Craft a compelling personal brand with a professional profile picture and detailed personal description to attract potential clients and highlight expertise effectively. 

  1. Consistently display expertise through a comprehensive portfolio featuring finest work samples, certifications, and client testimonials to elevate credibility and position oneself as a sought-after service provider. 

  1. Prioritize continuous skill development by staying updated on industry trends and actively pursuing training opportunities like online courses or certifications to maintain a competitive edge. 

  1. Network and engage with online communities of fellow professionals to gain invaluable insights, foster collaboration, and uncover new opportunities. 

  1. Understand industry standards and market rates to price services competitively, factoring in expertise, specialization, and project complexity to strike a balance between competitive and value-based pricing. 

  1. Cultivate a strong personal brand that resonates with clients and differentiates your offerings, leveraging it as a tool for securing higher-paying opportunities. 

  1. Embrace adaptability, resilience, and a growth mindset to navigate the dynamic gig landscape successfully, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and continuous improvement. 

  1. Prioritize innovation by staying ahead of emerging trends like AI (Artificial Intelligence) translation and localization to position oneself as a valuable asset in the global marketplace. 

 Beyond the discussion, participants were able to interact in the chat box, exchange contacts, and engage in further networking opportunities.  

The event concluded with a compelling call to action for language professionals to build a robust online presence, refine their branding, and continuously upskill to position themselves as sought-after language professionals. They were also called upon to stay ahead of the curve by exploring emerging trends such as AI translation, transcreation, localization, and quality assurance. 

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