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French/English/All African local languages

  • All documents that have been translated and are ready for pickup must be collected by 3 pm on the due date
  • Express service = standard price x 2 per page (a page (A4 paper) contains 250 words)
  • Fastrack service = standard price x 3
  • ** Prices are subject to change
Source document typePrice per page
Ghanaian Birth Certificate/Acte de Naissance GhanéenGHS 80
Driving Licence/Permis de ConduireGHS 80
Police Record/Casier JudiciaireGHS 80
Certificate/ DiplômeGHS 80
Results Slip/Relevé de NoteGHS 80
Identity Card/Carte d’IdentitéGHS 80
Passport/PasseportGHS 80
Non-ghanaian Birth Certificate/Acte de naissance non ghanéenGHS 100
Transcript/Bulletin ScolaireGHS 100
Personal Letters/Lettres PersonnellesGHS 100
Non Academic Testimonials/Attestation non scolaireGHS 100
Business Letters/ Lettres CommercialesGHS 100
Marriage Certificate/Acte de MariageGHS 100
Death Certificate/Acte de DécèsGHS 100
Adverstising Documents/ Documents PublicitairesGHS 130
Product Labels/Étiquettes de ProduitsGHS 130
Curriculum VitaeGHS 130
Medical Reports/Rapport MédicauxGHS 130
Invoices/Factures/RécépisséGHS 130
Commercial Documents/Documents CommerciauxGHS 130
Conference Documents/Documents de ConférencesGHS 130
Technical Documents/ Documents TechniquesGHS 130
Legal Documents/Documents JuridiquesGHS 130
Bank Statement/ Attestation BancaireGHS 130
Other/DiversGHS 130

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