Today, Artificial intelligence (AI) translation technologies have been the solution for many globetrotters to travel to any country even if they do not understand the language spoken there.  Businesses are reaching diverse nationals with their services or products with the help of these technologies.

AI translation tools are engineered to translate text/speech from one language to another. These usually come as online software or mobile apps. But this article highlights an invention that will blow your mind.  An earbud engineered to perform real-life translation into over 40 languages. An invention such as this must be flagged as top-notch ingenuity.

The man behind this ingenious invention is a Ghanaian by the name, Danny Manu, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Mymanu – the designer and manufacturer of the world’s first live translation earbud that helps individuals and companies break language barriers with its inventions.

Danny highlights the importance of AI translation technology in these words, “By breaking down language barriers, AI translation enables people and organisations to reach out to a wider community. From teaching new skills to deprived communities, sharing best practices with international colleagues to develop skills faster, and discovering new cultures to understand people better, this can have such a positive impact on communities globally”.

Mymanu Products

Mymanu first introduced the Mymanu click, a versatile wireless earbud, designed to break language barriers. With this earbud, you can listen to songs in HD sound, make calls, and have access to messages and notifications. In case you are travelling with it, no need to worry about the longevity of the battery- it can stay on for 30 hours.  Apart from the functionalities above, the earbud can perform live voice translation that currently supports 40 languages. Mymanu click+ was produced in 2017 and the updated version in 2021 known as Mymanu Click S.                  

This year, 2022, Mymanu Clik S was selected as part of the  20 finalists of the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards.

Mymanu being featured on the Amazon platform testifies to the credibility of the product.

The translation functionality of the device is powered by a  messaging app MyJumo which is proprietary of Mymanu and designed to aid communication in multiple languages, the best gadget for travellers, and companies who want to internationalise.

Mymanu Titan

Early this year, Mymanu titan was unveiled and shook the telecommunication industry as the first voice-activated, e-sim-powered earbuds. A screen-free device that functions as a phone. This means you can choose to be without your phone and still make calls, listen to music in HD, send or receive messages and again with the MyJumo app you have a live translation. In a month, Titan will be on market, and you have the chance to secure a 51% early bird discount if you join the waitlist.

Apart from earbuds, Mymanu also produces wonderful products such as; a magnetic 3-in-1 charger, magnetic phone case, wireless charger, and conference speaker.

To know more about how Mymanu products are helping businesses make it big in this globalised world of diverse languages; travellers travelling without the fear of language barriers, and changing industries such as health and tourism, this blog might be of interest to you.

There is no doubt that AI translation helps individuals and companies interact with audiences that would have been shut out because of language barriers. With these language technologies, we are marching towards an inclusive world without language barriers.

I would very much appreciate that, and if you know of any language technology made by an African, do share in the comment section as well I would love to dig into it.