Afrolinguals Magazine is excited to announce the upcoming release of our inaugural issue and we are inviting Language Service Providers (LSPs), including translators, interpreters, linguists and language professionals, to contribute their expertise and insights.  

As a quarterly publication, Afrolinguals aims to be a valuable resource for LSPs in Africa and beyond, providing the latest industry news, cutting-edge techniques and professional development opportunities. Our mission is to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing and growth within the language industry.

For our first issue, we are focusing on the theme of “Visibility’’. We invite submissions that explore various aspects of this theme, including but not limited to:

  1. Success stories and case studies showcasing how African LSPs and freelancers have achieved visibility on a global scale.
  2. Challenges and barriers faced by African LSPs and freelancers in gaining visibility and accessing decision-making power.
  3. Strategies and best practices for enhancing visibility through digital marketing, networking, and branding efforts.
  4. The role of mentorship, professional development and collaboration in empowering African LSPs and freelancers.
  5. Policy changes, advocacy efforts and industry trends shaping the visibility and representation of African language professionals.

We welcome articles, essays, interviews, case studies and opinion pieces that offer valuable insights, practical tips and thought-provoking perspectives on the theme of visibility in the language industry.

Submission Guidelines:

– Articles should be between 1000-1,500 words in length.

– All submissions must be original, well-researched, and adhere to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

– Please include a brief author bio (50-100 words) and a high-resolution author photo.

– All submissions should be sent as Word documents to and with the subject line “Afrolinguals Magazine Submission – [Article Title].” by 3rd May 2024.

Afrolinguals Magazine is committed to multilingualism, inclusivity and fostering a vibrant community of language professionals. We look forward to receiving your contributions and working together to empower African LSPs and freelancers on their journey to greater visibility and success.

For inquiries or further information, please contact

Thank you for your interest and support in making Afrolinguals Magazine a valuable resource for language professionals across Africa and beyond.


About Kabod

Kabod is a language service provider well equipped to help you bridge all linguistic and cultural barriers and globalize your content effectively and efficiently while preserving its original meaning. With over 28 years of combined experience in the industry, Kabod is committed to excellence and innovation in language services.

In 2024, Kabod was selected as one of the 34 Influencers in the Global Language industry, by MultiLingual Media, out of 21 000 public votes by localization, translation and interpretation professionals across the World. Kabod is the ONLY African company to be featured in this prestigious list and it’s a testament of the excellence of our services, the impact we bring in the language industry and the value we provide to our clients. So far, Kabod has:

  1. Co-founded the Association of Language Companies in Africa (ALCA) to increase professionalism,  accelerate advocacy for excellence and application of global standards in LSPs in Africa. We host the Annual Conference for LSPs in Africa.
  2. Founded the first network of African languages translators and teachers (ALATT) with over 1600 language professionals (freelancers, LSPs, interpreters, voice over etc). Free to join here
  3. Founded and developed MATI, the Marketplace of African languages Translators and Interpreters with over 250 members, to ease access to gigs, jobs and consulting opportunities among language professionals.
  4. Hosts the podcast on African Language Technologies and Tools (ALATTO) which celebrates innovators who create practical tools to ease the use of African Languages, as creating Akan dictionary, African keyboards, API etc.
  5. Convener of African Language Talks (KLS) where several language professionals discuss on trending issues in localization and language matters to come out with solutions and recommendations.
  6. Leading global research and advocacy interventions to integrate African languages in the education system, in publishing, in business practices and children books.
  7. Become a thought leader on localization, language policies, NLP, Machine Learning and AI integration in language services in Africa, sharing expertise through local, national and international events.
  8. Co-developed localisation guides to facilitate business expansions in African countries. Some of them are freely accessible here:
  9. Publisher of the first magazine on news, trends and market research on LSP and localization companies in Africa.

Whether it’s translation, interpretation, transcription, voiceover, localization, transcreation, subtitling, revision, post-editing or any other language service, we are accessible online 24 hours a day, throughout the whole week. We provide expedited services and same-day delivery for translations. We believe in your products or services—reach out to us @ and together, let us expand your audience and grow your business!