The After Action Review (AAR) is a short focused meeting, conducted by the team, for the team, lasting half an hour or less. It is one of the basic building blocks of a Knowledge management framework, particularly as part of Project Learning.


AARs allow you to capture useful operational knowledge which is of immediate short term benefits, and which can be plowed back into the next shift, or the next day’s operation. This allows you to make course corrections during activity based on what you learn, to address and optimize the way you work as a team, and to start to build your collective operational knowledge. A longer, more detailed review process, suitable for the end of a project or major piece of work, is described separately as the Retrospect process.


Kabod group will work with you to develop an approach that is aimed at integrating AARs into your project and operational frameworks (often as part of a Project Learning approach), including running training workshops for supervisors, team leaders and project leaders.


Integrating After Action Reviews into your projects and operations can help the development of high performing teams and enable continuous improvement.

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