This is a public, interactive interview with an expert, held in front of an audience of peers and colleagues, in order to share knowledge and stories. The audience should be combined with a standard Knowledge Capture interview later.

Expert Audience purpose

The purpose of the audience is to engage the peers and colleagues in the knowledge transfer process, and to build their interest in the final knowledge product. The process offers people access to a level of experience and knowledge, delivered face-to-face, that the normal KM processes sometimes obscure.

Expert Audience method

We will work with your KM team to prepare for the audience, to determine the structure and the topics to be covered, to brief the key roles, and then to run and record the audience event itself. We then work with you to conduct further interviews needed to create the Knowledge Asset.

Expert Audience benefits

A successful Audience involves the future users of the knowledge in the process of knowledge transfer, and increases the chance that they will make use of the Knowledge Asset. It also gives the opportunity to create some great video content for future reference.

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