The recruitment process is a time-consuming and expensive process. To ensure that new employees perform accordingly, it is imperative to put in place measures for their induction and onboarding. 


The purpose of an onboarding program is to develop within newly hired or transferred employees the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviors to become effective contributors to an organization.


It’s really important to involve new employees in work in the first week. Before the new hire starts, you should have already set first week goals, short-term, achievable actions that can help them feel as though they are already contributing right off the bat.

From pre-onboarding through role-specific training to transitioning into their new role, we provide you with the key steps to follow to ensure the alignment of newly hired employees to your goals, quickly and effectively.

This process includes teaching new hires about the attitudes, competencies, company culture, employee expectations and the behaviours required to function effectively within an organization. We will guide you on how to make your new employee comfortable and welcomed from the first moment and establish the expectations for the new role with the employee.


A good understanding of the onboarding process shortens the new employee’s learning curve, increasing productivity and reducing errors, facilitates compliance with company policies and procedures and improves job satisfaction and retention.

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