A knowledge gap analysis is a half day meeting where the members of a product development project team come together to define the missing knowledge which the team needs to find or create, in order to successfully deliver the project.

Knowledge Gap Analysis purpose

The purpose of a Knowledge Gap Analysis session is for a product development team, as part of a Knowledge-Based Product Development program, to discuss and define the critical knowledge that needs to be acquired and/or created before the product design stage can be completed.  By rigorously working through the knowledge gaps, the team can avoid any unplanned loop-backs later in the process caused by a lack of knowledge.

Knowledge Gap Analysis method

The Knowledge Gap Analysis workshop involves agreement on the requirements and functional specifications for the new product, identification of knowledge gaps, and agreement on actions to close the gaps. The process is conducted using a schematic of the product on a whiteboard, and the use of post-it notes to identify the knowledge gaps.

Knowledge Gap Analysis benefits

The work plan which is produced at the Knowledge Gap Analysis session ensures that all unknowns related to the product, its specifications and its components are identified and resolved early in the development process, thus resulting in fewer loop-backs and faster and more effective product development.

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