Knowledge Management can be a confusing topic. If you read the mass of material presented on the Internet,  it can be very difficult to gain a clear picture of the topic, and what it might mean for your organization. You need help to get started, and our one-day introductory workshop will cut through the confusion and get to the heart of KM as it applies to your context.

Introductory Workshop Purpose

The purpose of the Knowledge Management Introductory Workshop is to clarify the topic of Knowledge Management, to help you fully appreciate the value this topic may have for you, and to take you on the first steps to understanding how to get started.

Introductory Workshop Method

The introductory workshop contains the following elements;

  1. Definitions, stories and case histories
  2. Models for applying KM
  3. Bird Island – a chance to try KM in a classroom setting, and measure the value it brings
  4. KM and your company – exercises to look at the critical knowledge you have, and how it may be managed

Introductory Workshop Benefits

The Knowledge Management Introductory Workshop will provide a base level of understanding the topic, and the value it might deliver to your organization. It is the first step in an informed Knowledge Management journey.

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