The concept of a project-level Knowledge Management Plan is one of the most exciting new ideas to come out of Knowledge Management. It is a governance element that allows Knowledge Management to be fully embedded into project controls. It allows the assignment of KM accountabilities to individual project team members, and allows these accountabilities to be monitored and reviewed. Knowledge Management plans allow Knowledge Management to evolve to become a true management discipline; a component part of an integrated project management approach rather than an add-on or an aspiration.

Knowledge Management Plan Purpose

A Knowledge Management plan is a document for a specific project, department or function, which details;

  • What knowledge is needed by the project
  • What knowledge will be created by the project
  • What system of processes, technologies and roles will be used to manage knowledge within the project,
  • What actions need to be taken to implement the system, and
  • Which people are accountable for individual actions.

Knowledge Management Plan Method

Using our proven Knowledge Management Planning methodology, and Knowledge Management plan templates, we will work with your project team to map out the learning and knowledge management they will need to apply in order to deliver success. This is documented in a draft KM plan document, for the project team to validate and own.

Knowledge Management Plan Benefits

The KM plan adds structure, rigour and governance to Knowledge Management within a project, allowing project leadership to be confident that KM will be applied properly.

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