Knowledge management is a long term intervention in a short term world. The full benefits of KM will take years to deliver, but the organization will need to see a series of short term Quick Wins in order to be reassured that KM is feasible and valuable.


The Knowledge Management Proof of Concept is an early business-led KM intervention, with the purposes of

  1. Demonstrating KM in action
  2. Testing KM in your own context
  3. Delivering value, and
  4. Creating a success story for internal marketing purposes


We work with you to determine a Proof of Concept intervention, such as

  1. A Peer Assist, to bring Knowledge into a project or major piece of work
  2. A lessons capture for a project or major piece of work
  3. A handover meeting to share knowledge from a project or major piece of work
  4. Launch of a Community of Practice
  5. A Knowledge Market or Knowledge Exchange in a Community of Practice
  6. A Knowledge Retention Interview
  7. Creation of a Knowledge Asset

We plan, facilitate and document the intervention, including collecting feedback and stories from people involved.


The Knowledge Management Proof of Concept helps you reassure the organization of the value of KM, as well as creating success stories for your internal communications and change management program.

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