A good Knowledge Management strategy is vital to the success of any knowledge management initiative, and should be one of the early steps in your KM program. Our introductory offer prepares a high level Knowledge Management strategy through a one-day workshop. We also offer a full interview-based service for developing a Knowledge Management Strategy.

Knowledge Management Strategy Purpose

Implementing Knowledge Management should be done in the context of an agreed strategy. The strategy ensures that the Knowledge Management implementation proceeds in a way that is aligned with the current business approaches, is targeted to the right problems, and is coordinated with other existing change initiatives. The purpose of the strategy workshop is to allow clients with small budgets, or in small organizations or organizational units, to gain expert input to their strategy at limited investment.

Knowledge Management Strategy Method

The Knowledge Management strategy is developed as follows;

  1. We ask you to assemble an agreed selection of senior managers and key decision makers for a one-day Knowledge Management Strategy workshop
  2. We facilitate the workshop, and through a number of interactive sessions we explore the importance of Knowledge Management to your organization, the business context and business drivers, the critical knowledge to be managed, and several other areas of strategic input.
  3. Based on the input gathered at the workshop, we draft a proposed Knowledge Management strategy for your organization.

The document will cover elements such as

  • Vision
  • Scope
  • Business drivers
  • Value proposition
  • Critical knowledge areas
  • Change and stakeholder management
  • Pilots

Knowledge Management Strategy Benefits

The benefits of a good KM Strategy come in a more effective, and lower risk, implementation program. The strategy we create with you will incorporate the lessons from very many successful Knowledge Management programs, and some less successful, thereby increasing your own chance of success.

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