Knowledge Management Awareness4 hoursFor managers and decision-makers wishing to understand the concepts and value of Knowledge Management
Basic Primer1-2 daysFor those new to KM. Transfer of awareness and understanding of the principles and practice of knowledge management.
Master Class3-4 daysFor KM practitioners; transferring the key skills and techniques of knowledge management, and its strategic implementation to your in-house knowledge management staff.
Community Launch1-2 daysFor a community of practice, to develop the core of a community which will continue after the course, to effectively share knowledge for business benefits.
Secrets of Community Leadership1-2 daysWe equip your community coordinators to design, launch, build, sustain and measure the value from your communities of practice.
KM strategy development4 hrs – 1 dayFor senior management, this workshop explores the strategic value and focus of Knowledge Management for their organization.
Knowledge Management Planning workshop1 dayFor a project team, this workshop enables them to put in place a knowledge management plan for their project, ensuring that their project will benefit from a full knowledge base.
Interviewing for Knowledge Retention1 dayA focused one-day course to enable you to develop skills in knowledge retention,  so that knowledge can be captured prior to key knowledge-holders leaving your organization.
Effective lesson-learning1-2 daysAn introduction to the components and the skills needed for effective lesson-learning or learning from experience.
Project Knowledge Capture workshop1- 2 daysFor a project team, this workshop enables them to capture their project lessons, in a form which can be used by other teams
Knowledge Management starter week5 daysA complete set of training and workshops for a new Knowledge Management program, this starter week not only gives your KM team the awareness, understanding and skills to deliver a KM program, it also includes workshop sessions where we work with the team to develop an initial KM strategy and KM framework for your organization, and practical “proof of concept” KM activities.
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