Moving the Learning Audit results into learning and action.


We will help you identify ways forward as a result of the audit, through two possible options; an actions workshop, or positive deviance analysis.


In an actions workshop, we work through each of the ten elements of the learning culture. Using the audit results as input, as well as the detailed interviews with staff, we identify:

  • The current status of that element,
  • The factors that drive that result, and
  • Options and actions for improvement.

The positive deviance study takes the analysis further. Based on the survey results, we look for those departments or divisions where the learning culture is best developed (the highest levels of openness, honesty, empowerment etc) and interview the leaders to determine how they achieve this. This knowledge is then documented as a knowledge asset, from which other leaders can learn.


You will:

  • Understand the options open to you in developing an organizational learning culture.
  • Learn lessons from those in your organization who have been most successful in fostering organizational learning.

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