A learning history is a knowledge asset created through the collation, synthesis and analysis of several 1-1 interviews with members of any team that have shared an experience such as a major project, an entry into a new market, a merger or acquisition, or opening an office in a new country.


The Learning History records the team’s knowledge and experience for future reference by other teams. It is a source of both advice and lessons for the future.


Our process for a learning history contains the following elements:

  • Knowledge-gathering Interviews are conducted with all key team members and stakeholders
  • Transcripts are reviewed and edited by interviewees
  • Final versions are analysed with key themes and recommendations identified
  • A knowledge asset is produced, organised thematically with interview quotes and other supporting evidence throughout
  • Where appropriate, lessons may be identified for future action.


Learning histories provide clients with the following benefits:

  • High-value/low-impact learning with minimal time impact for interviewees
  • Guidance for the future
  • A project or activity history to illustrate the guidance
  • A record of interviewees for future reference (i.e. new project teams etc.)

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