Communities of practice are one of the main building blocks of a Knowledge Management system, and an effective Knowledge Management Framework will almost always contain some element of CoPs.


If your Communities of Practice are to deliver their full potential value to the organization, they must develop and mature over time. You therefore need a way to measure the development of CoPs, to ensure they are moving forward as needed. You need a way to tell what is holding them back, and where the levers are to help them develop and mature even faster.


Using a proven methodology, we will work with your Community core teams, measure and report their maturity, and identify areas for further development, which will allow the Communities to reach full maturity.


The benefits of measuring Community maturity are

  • You can be reassured that CoPs are progressing
  • You can tell which CoPs need most support, and
  • You can tell which areas of each CoP need more development.

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