Peer Assist is one of the core Knowledge Management processes; a means of “learning before” a project or an activity.

Peer Assist Purpose

A Peer Assist brings knowledge into a project at the onset. It is a meeting, where a project team invites a number of people with knowledge and experience from which the project can benefit. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways of applying knowledge where it is needed.

Peer Assist Method

We help you plan your Peer Assist, determining the objectives, the terms of reference and the agenda. We then provide full facilitation services. A five-stage format will be used:

  • A welcome from the Peer Assist sponsor, explaining why the Peer Assist has been called, its objectives and deliverables;
  • A presentation from the host project team placing the project in context, its current status, their plans, aspirations and any potential risks;
  • The visitors then talk through recent relevant experiences to the project team;
  • The visitors and the project team discuss each issue (possibly one-on-one between specialists) until both develop a shared understanding of the issues and of the possible range of solutions. Through discussion the visitors and project team co-create new possible options;
  • The Peer Assist concludes with a two-way feedback session summarizing the knowledge that has been shared and the possible options that have been generated.

Peer Assist Benefits

A Peer Assist can help project teams achieve clear deliverables such as:

  • Reduction of costs
  • Shortened planning and execution time
  • Identification and management of risks

Additional ‘softer’ benefits include:

  • An increase in openness
  • The establishment of cross-business linkages and communities
  • Greater willingness to learn from others.

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