Learning and Knowledge management are core success factors for effective project delivery. Knowledge is a project resource, and often is a project output as well (particularly in a project which is doing something new or unusual). Although there is a need to focus on lesson sharing between projects, a large project will also need its own internal lesson system.


The purpose of this service is to help you design an effective lessons learned system within a large project. This will include:

  • Simple, quick and effective learning processes such as the Army platoon-scale After Action Review,
  • Effective technology for a project-scale lessons management system,
  • Assigned learning roles and accountabilities, and
  • Governance of the lessons workflow, so that new lessons are routinely identified, and carried forward into action to improve the working processes of the project.


We will work with your project team to introduce learning disciplines, roles and processes, tailored to the project scale, context, time scale, stage-gates and outcomes. Your project will be equipped to learn before, during and after activity, in support of improved delivery of the project objectives.


The benefits of an effective lesson learning system within a large project are many. Lessons learned, when applied routinely and systematically to improve organizational processes and procedures, can result in benefits such as:

  • Lower costs,
  • Less waste and rework,
  • Faster project delivery, and
  • A more effective project outcome.

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