Communities of practice are one of the main building blocks of a Knowledge Management Framework, and many organizations will seek to create, launch and sustain a number of networks, as a Pilot Project within Knowledge Management Implementation, or as a means to deliver value through Knowledge Management.


The purpose of a Community Launch is to maximize the chance that a Community of Practice (CoP) will 

  1. thrive, and 
  2. add value to the organization.


We will help you choose the most suitable topics for CoPs and knowledge-sharing networks within your organization; those with the greatest need, and the greatest likelihood of adding value to the members and to the organization. Using a proven methodology, we will facilitate a two-day launch agenda for your community, to help them develop their charter, identify their focus areas, agree on their roles and behaviors, and build the culture and behaviors needed for success.


The benefits of a Community Launch are: 

  • a rapid start-up to the CoP
  •  immediate clarification of purpose, roles and processes
  • quick wins through knowledge sharing at the launch event
  • focus, from the start, on delivering value.

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