Project Showcase: AccessSTEM Project in Collaboration with Siemens Stiftung and BlueTown


The Access STEM Project, a collaborative initiative involving Siemens Stiftung, BlueTown, and Kabod Group, sought to revolutionize STEM education in Ghana. With a focus on creating a digital learning environment for teachers, the project leveraged the connectivity and local cloud services of BlueTown, coupled with the Open Education Resources (OER) provided by Siemens Stiftung. Kabod Group played a crucial role in compiling these resources into a tailored curriculum, impacting four educational institutions in Ghana.


– Media Portal Package Creation: Kabod Group meticulously curated and adapted media portal packages, screening and uploading over 3000 resources from Siemens Media portal to the local cloud. Content selection was based on its relevance to the Ghanaian education system, catering to both teacher training colleges and secondary technical schools.

Organization of Materials: Resources were organized into relevant categories such as Science, Technical, Experiments, and Teaching and Learning Resources, ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

– Pedagogical Training Workshops: Conducted workshops to enhance STEM teachers’ subject matter knowledge, focusing on effective teaching methods and the integration of digital resources.

Introduction of AccessSTEM Clubs:  Implemented a cost-effective and scalable model for continuous teacher development through the introduction of AccessSTEM Clubs, promoting peer learning circles.

Establishment of communities of practice: Set up 4 WhatsApp Groups with 223 members, fostering communication and knowledge sharing among teachers.


The Access STEM Project significantly improved communication among Ghanaian STEM teachers and enhanced their subject matter knowledge through pedagogical training and Open Educational Resources. The project facilitated connectivity for 4,000 to 5,000 teachers through BLUETOWN’s solar-powered infrastructure, providing access to a diverse range of digital learning and teaching materials on the local cloud. Notably, teachers enhanced their teaching methods, particularly in the vocational orientation of students.

At Kabod Group, we are committed to driving positive change through innovative educational initiatives, empowering educators and students alike for a brighter future.

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